20 Steps To Get Wealthy

If you want to make more money don’t Complain about going to work! If you want to make money you must have a spirit of appreciation towards everything in life. You must be on one accord with God. You must build up your karma like you do your credit! Know your skill set and perfect your skill set. Put a price on your skill set and continue to raise that price every time you have reached a new plateau. Pick a clear and concise goal and go full speed ahead towards that goal. Remember that excuses are for the non-wealthy. Take initiative! Step your faith up…. (In the financial world risk an faith go hand in hand.) Always give to receive. Do more, and when you are exhausted from doing so much… Do more! Stay focused and let nothing get you unfocused. Ignore the people who speak doubts and negativity in to your life. Be brave and willing to do things and go places others won’t go. See everything in life as an opportunity and capitalize off of that opportunity. Always put something away in your savings and never touch it. Laugh a lot! Remember there is never a situation in which you cannot rise from (just know that all hardships will blow over eventually). Love God and spread joy and happiness throughout the world. Do these things and watch your money pile up!


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